Monday, 12 January 2009

Two councillors missing tonight at full Town council

Well, another full town council tonight and we find a district and county councillor not attending and not sending any apologies.

I hear they are on a cruise....ho hum...But we got through a lot tonight. I'll be writing about important agenda items over the next few days. As these two councillors will be standing for in Unitary elections in June this year, given their attendance record at Marlborough Town Council I certainly wont be voting for one of them to my Unitary councillor!

I asked four questions of Marlborough County and Town councillor, Marian Hannaford-Dobson, last night which remain unanswered as she was not present last night. I post here for my public record and I will, of course, post any answers here when I get them. Unless Cllr Hannaford-Dobson wishes to reply here herself!!!

Question 1. Wiltshire County Council, (WCC), ratified the Primary Healthcare Trust, (PCT), decision to close the Minor Injuries Unit at Savernake Hospital. What I would like to understand is how this was brought to the attention of County Councillors, (this is Question 1a)? Also is there any documentation that showed the lobbying of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to try and retain the MIU at Savernake, (this is Question 1b)?

The reason for asking this question is to understand current process and ensure as we move to Unitary what new processes need to be put in place to ensure that such calamitous actions do not befall the people of Marlborough or any town in Wiltshire in the future. I am such the Councillor will have great sights as to what went on and how she attempted to prevent the MIU closure.

Question 2. Can the County Cllr please report to the Marlborough Town Council how the WCC or Unitary council Executive will calculate 2009/10 round of council tax. I have heard that the highest District tax across the County will be applied plus a 3.5% to 5% increase. Could the Cllr please confirm if this in fact the current thinking, (this is Question 2a)? Would the please explain efforts she is making get the WCC/Unitary to set a Zero percent increase in the bulk of the Council Tax and follow the Marlborough Town Council lead setting a ZERO percent precept, (this is Question 2b)?

Question 3. Could the loop road from the A4 to Manton High Street to Clatford back to the A4 be included in the gritting Programme? In the current cold conditions there were three minor accidents and Preshute Primary School service bus the St Johns School bus struggled in the conditions.

Question 4. Is there any update on the Children at Play warning signs for Jubilee field play area in Manton?

I'll write more about the meeting in other posts as there was some interesting agenda items.

Yours sincerely


Anonymous said...

I have a VERY strong complaint to make. There was mention of a full Pantomime at the last meeting by a person who seemed to have had a "Senseofhumourectomy". Much to my dismay, I notice I was left out of the Pantomime! That's just so mean - I want to be the Prompt - whoever is casting - PLEASE NOTE. I am likely to sulk........

Rich Pitts said...

In case anyone reading this is confused. All councillors received, prior to the full town council, an anonymous letter about a spoof Pantomime with cast from the town.

A member of the Public, Mr Richard Allen asked, "Would the Council join me in the condemnation of the sending of anonymous letters which are a pathetic attempt at humour".

Cllr Anthony Sycamore answered very well which is minuted, see the town council web site.

I have no idea who sent this and I don't approve of it. I believe everyone in political life should be treated with respect.

We will give this item no more web space or the oxygen of publicity.